A Basic Guide To Real Estate PPC


Real estate PPC is something that all real estate agents need to know about and utilize.

This paid advertising is a great way to increase the traffic to your website and to the listings that you have. The leads generated from real estate PPC will also be more actionable and primed than other forms of general advertising.

Do Your Research

Any good PPC campaign will start with research and real estate PPC is no different. Market research is vital if you want to get good results from your campaign.

To start, you will need to research your target demographic and their online habits. This will ensure that you create a campaign that engages with the right people and converts them into actionable leads.

During your research, you should also look at how these people search for homes. This will help you determine which keywords you are going to target in your campaign.

There is no point in creating a PPC campaign if you are not going to be targeting the right keywords. Using the wrong keywords will result in your adverts appearing for the wrong people.

Set A Realistic Budget

After research and before you look at anything else, you need to consider the marketing budget that you have. You PPC campaign budget needs to be realistic and still be cost-effective.

With a PPC campaign, you are going to be paying for clicks and you need to consider how many you need to make a decent return on your investment.

When looking at your budget, you should not try to maximize your spend on a single session. This means that you should look at a budget that allows you to run your adverts for a number of days and at different times. This will increase the click through rate and your overall ROI.

Real Estate

Look At Local Keywords

You should avoid bidding on the more general or highly popular real estate keywords when you set up your campaign. Large real estate companies will generally have a monopoly on these keywords because they have a much larger marketing budget.

As an independent or small real estate business, you will not be able to complete and you will not get any return on your campaign if you try. Instead of looking at these keywords, you should focus on the more local ones.

Real estate is actually a very localized business and you need to tap into local advertising. Local keywords will be the ones with city or suburb names in them and they will produce better results.

When you use local keywords, your advert will be seen by people who are already looking for property in the area that you service. This will increase the chances of an actionable lead exponentially, particularly when you have a killer advert.

Additionally, local keywords will generally be cheaper to bid on which ensures that your budget can go further.

Have A Strong Call To Action

There are a lot of real estate agents that overlook the importance of a strong call to action in their PPC campaign. These agents will generally assume that the rest of the advert will work as a call to action, but this is not always the case.

A strong call to action will help the viewer understand what they need to do next and helps you funnel them correctly. There are a lot of calls to action that you can use and you should choose one that matches your business.

The call to action could be anything from the person needing to call your office to directing them to send a request for more information.

Regardless of the call to action, you need one and when you have a strong one in place, you will notice an improvement in your conversion rate.

Have A Dedicated Landing Page

When people click on real estate adverts, they want to be taken to a page that matches the advert. This means that if they click on an advert for homes in San Diego, they do not want to be directed to a page about homes in Santa Monica.

You should also avoid having your website homepage as the landing page because this is not targeted enough. The landing page needs to match what you have advertised if you want to ensure a conversion.

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